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1073 Lawrenceille Highway

3.5 acres in the City of Lawrenceville, zoned C-2 for general business (BG). This site has a
5000 sq ft building Unit has grease trap & fume hood.

This site has an underground retention pond with structural top ( you can build on it !).
Drain system installed for 60% of property. Sewage installed. building is situated approx 250'
back from road and 250' from back line. Main road is installed with curbs. Deceleration
lane is installed and approved by State DOT (highway 29 is a state road).

Property can also accommodate a 16,000 sq ft building (retail & O&I) in front of existing
building, and a 7,500 sq ft building for mini warehouses in back of existing building.

This property is currently rented on a 5 year lease for 55k+ per year.

This site can be yours for 1.7 Mill

1813 Lawrenceville Highway
Lenora Office
Caleb Road
Car wash Cooper Road
Car Wash Mills Street
38 Acres
1073 Lawrenceille Highway
Grayson Highway
1801 Lawrenceville highway
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